Gamelia Johnson

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one." -John Lennon

Hello World, My name is Gamelia Mone't Johnson, I am a Raw Chef, and Holistic Health Coach with an itch for travel, and a dream to save the world. : D

What’s up eerrr body, my name is Young THUNG I’m out here in these virtual streets letin’ y’all know bout my boo G! She’s intelligent, talented, and bootyful (she got a nice booty). I dont normally like to get muy sensible (sensitive, working on my Spanish son), but I got to let y’all know. Check me out on my #baes #YouTube channel (link in bio) cause I goes hard for mine, don’t let the #afro fool you!
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Dinner 🍴


Chose the Life you want to Live…

Sum things cooking in the kitchen tonight! I’m in love with my #hula 🙈😍😘 #FatFreddy

My #soulsista @fullyrawkristina finishing up her food demo, poor thing was shocked when the table was rushed. Everyone wanted a photo and a taste of corse! #epicrawstars (at The Center for Epic Living)

I’m so honored to put my Raw Chef skills to use, and prepare wonderful, healthy dishes for the likes of @jasonwrobe l, @koyawebb , @epicself , @fullyrawkristina and all of the awesome #epicrawstars here on retreat! Thanks for having me guys 🙌💯👏😍😝😘 (at The Center for Epic Living)

I can honestly say my heart broke when I heard the news of your passing this morning, you lived passionately, fully and most importantly as an example for those coming behind you.

“Daughter, you have more courage than you think.” Where the world you spoke to me as I stood sobbing, desperately trying to release the words “Thank You”. How you knew that I was struggling to keep my head above water after losing my second mother is beyond me.

You spoke into my spirit, hugged me fiercely and sent me on my way uplifted, and rejuvenated.

For your example of how to live openly and gracefully I say THANK YOU. For your words written, and spoken I say THANK YOU.

#RIP #MayaAngelou you will never be forgotten!

Bethanne showed us how to make her wonderful edible face mask yesterday, I guess Em got a little hungry lol!

If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin.
#Friendsletfriendslicktherefaces #rawvegan #rawfooddiet #rawretreat #costarica #goodtimes (at The Center for Epic Living)

One of the many benefits of working as the Sous-Chef to the Bethanne @ediblegoddess during the Spring Rejuvenation Retreat at The Center for Epic Living is being able to help create these delectable, living dishes. #Chiaseed pudding, toped with Papaya, and #RawVegan chocolate chips. 💯🎉😘👏✨🙌💥 (at The Center for Epic Living)

Summer days, sunset nights…

Never thought I’d live in a place where the backdrop at the bus stop is the jungle.

In life we’re quick to tell are selves what we can’t do and why. Let go of the can’t and even if you don’t see the how, dare to dream.

Life is worth living and you deserve to enjoy it! (at Terminal de Buses Quepos)